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October 10, 2016 at 12:46PM

Anniversary day, today we have our VW T3 vanagon 27 years. I didn't expect to celebrate in France, but at least at the beach and a wonderful sunny day and of course the most important, waking up in the camper and still on the road. 🚐💨 ==== 27 years ago we picked the camper up in the plant in Hannover. Since then he brought us plenty days, weekends, weeks and months of joy on the road, in the mountains , at the beach, cities or lakes. He kept us his loyalty even we abandoned him 2 years during our stay in the US. This broke his heat (engine) but that was only a matter of age and physics and forseen. Only 3 times he let us down during trips, 1 time only because of weakness of age, unfortunately to say 2 times because of lack of maintenance of the dealer service. Sad about this, in all the 27 years every single regular maintenance service was done by the certified dealership. === 6 years ago he became a backup, the VW T5 California Beach to relieve him a little bit, despite that the T3 vanagon brought us in the last years to Finisterre or Portugal or several times to Italy or in the Alps. ==== I'm a kind of statistical guy, so I have every night, trip or whatever on file, so as every drop of oil and also every miner screw, tire or service the campervan cost us. I don't want to bother you with that but if someone interested, feel free to ask. But be sure, the T3 was worth every cent. ======= Enjoy your campers and your traveltime and I wish you all the good times and memories as we have 🚐💨 ========= #busblog #westfalia #t3 #vw #volkswagen #westy #westylife #camperlife #268international #vanagon #gowesty #homeiswhereyouparkit #travelgram @westfaliamobil @volkswagen

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